Marie Moldovan

My name is Marie Moldovan. I am Canadian armed forces veteran. MOTHER. Artist. Born and raised in Canada. I grew up in a poverty-stricken home, and experienced many hardships (including losses) throughout my life. I have experienced everything from riches to homelessness and yet, keep on keeping on, so I may share my story and hopefully inspire. 

“Mrs. Toilet Paper “

A Canadian grade A teacher;
A stellar toiletry class preacher,
Spent many-a-day fluffing her lectures,
With mind-numbing…. Busy body... Useless dialector projections.

One of her "just shoot me now" features
Included her explaining, in grave detail, the amount of toilet paper her brother used to wipe his ass.
How crass!!
What could we expect for the future, a lecture on him passing gas?

After all, we did have to hear her explaining and complaining,
"Three squares should do the job, but my brother 1-hour wading in a toiletry bog;
1 hour being confronted with “Too Much Information”;
1 hour of toilet paper station;
And 1 hour of neglected elementary education.

Mrs. toilet paper sure had the knack,
For filling our heads with useless facts.
She was whack.

For the mind-numbing dribble, I did get her back.
After all I thought it fair to pull the kind of prank
that would cause her a 1-hour lecture,
If it didn't land her on a stretcher.
On Mrs. Toilet Paper, an extraordinary prank I did pull,
I mischievously laid out a coyote skin in full.
Before the start of class,
I laid the skin on her desk.
I must admit the scene to be quite grotesque,
But a sight my classmates did not protest,
In anticipation of what might happen next.

I placed the skin and positioned myself innocently in my desk.
Patiently waited with the rest of my class for the school bell to ring.
Baaaa bring.....Baaa bring...Baaaa Bring
Patiently waited in anticipation for Mrs. Toilet Paper,
To turn the corner
and scream in fright.

To my delight,
She turned the corner,
Opened the door,
Jumped ten feet from the floor,
Expressed visual horror.
Claimed a near heart attack,
With an exclaimed gasp,
And hand to face clasp,
Before beating the skin away with a backpack.

To my surprise, Mrs. Toilet Paper didn't spend one minute discussing the prank,
She didn't fill our heads with useless verbal cracks.
She designed a cartoon think tank,
And taught us how to design our own cartoon from the coyote prank.

Which was so much better than the toilet paper re-run.
Pardon the pun.... On the run.

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