Antonio Eramo

Antonio Eramo is the notoriously cryptic New England poet that hides behind 30+ internet alt accounts. He graduated with a 4.0 GPA from Southern New Hampshire University and holds a degree in creative writing with a concentration in poetry. His most notable publications include Prides Crossing, Momentary Monet, and Art of Sin. 

Original Sin

the leaves were climbing up the tree to keep the branches warm
and whether man could understand, the clouds were not the storm
the apple was quite devious and made us eat the snake
which satiated artists and led to my big break

a copy of a copy is sloppy way to art
and microscopy tells me that our god has played a part
chromosome that split are at the pit of our great sin
nothing thats original can therfore come therein

we try to find a way to sway the life we live through words we say
but even those as sly as fox explore a door within a box
and through that door another door
a paradox of box I'm sure 

but if I am a copy of the copy that's my god
then the angels aren't right and right angles get the nod
quare roots of despair disperse from this knowledge tree
now I know there is no ledge and all there is is me

through justified insanity I'm happy as a clam
I shuck the fuck I ought to give for I know I am I AM


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