Reece Beckett

Reece Beckett is a eighteen-year-old poet, film critic/director, music producer and artist. Filling free time with the arts has become his forte, and whilst he spends most of his time with films, He recently started attending the University of Southampton.

The Lonely Path

Anxiety begets depression,
Have no answers to your questions,
This sertraline won’t make me clean,
These hedonistic shopping sprees
Lure debts, 
No more and no less,
I spend another session bedridden
Trying to rid thoughts the same way that
I gut myself of worth
Like a fish, but with no gills
And lungs overflowing with filthy water
Contaminated by fear and diseases
Endless slaughter, 
Try to clear the Earth of me
But now the extra efforts hurt.
I’m homesick, but I’ve never known what home is
This is one of those things that I can’t do alone
I wish that I’d have known, 
This lonely path can’t be condoned.

The Black Water Laughed

Everybody left at once
The black water laughed and
The candle flickered out,
All feelings lost in droughts.
Just a message away
But forever inaccessible
I shuddered under sheets
Shed love, for it’s irreparable,
The sky is now no spectacle,
Reflecting every fear,
Asking why is unacceptable
That question drowned in tears.
Everything sunk in stress
And that drunken mess
Returned to my mirror.
Food lost its touch,
But I couldn’t care much
Watching my body become thinner. 
All pain remains inner,
Brain lays beneath the skin,
And Allah rejects the sinner.
In this world, there is no winner.


Thought I’d found my footing just to fall over again,
Call myself a fool at heart, my progress all pretend,
Thought I’d found my footing just to fall over again,
Your head stays in the sky when your toes touch the cement.
Just falling
			and falling
							and falling
										back down again.
Falling ’til I find my home between the page and pen. 

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