Gordon Ferris

 Gordon Ferris is a Dublin writer who has lived in Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal for the past thirty-eight years.   He has had several poems and short stories published in many publications including, A New Ulster, Impspire Magazine, The Galway Review,  Lothlorien Poetry Journal, and Hidden Channel.   



are we soldiers 

fighting all the sorrows 

who venture into the world 

who smile even when  

there's no one to look or see  

never wanting to see the wonder in creation  

only if we have enough to eat  


when we all eventually die 

will all our own truths become known 

will all we held up high 

seem of little use to us  

all those silent whispers  

those nagging bouts  

be proven to be true. 

For you

Can I be near you  


mind if I 

sit here a while 


no need to talk 

or try to fit in 


I'll just sit here 

for your smile 


wonder from 

where you came 

was it from a dream 

or has a wish come true 


an impossible dream-wish 

always knowing 


I can't    have you. 

Walk up the street to no 38 

steps to the end of   

the world I knew  

leading up the street 

I have walked before 


I look to known face 

 the face I could never adore 


prying eyes through 

twitching curtains 

they don’t bother me 

they pry with sunken sighs 


I do notice  

smiling face on knees 

scrubbing step 

“how's yur Ma” 


I just nod back 

and walk on. 

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