John Welsh

I promote writing as a therapy.

“Got a frown, write it down, Feeling blue, a pen will do”

Some of my work is deep, considered and emotive and some is daft.

The performing bug has bitten me along with the writing and I am reluctant to hand back the microphone.

I have a flat full of poetry, stories and compilations of undefined genres.

I will be famous when I am dead (well at least for 15 minutes)

John Welsh not dead just resting. January 2020

Say it

It’s a word worth repeating.
Use encouragement, give it a shove.
The word that I am referring to,
is the  four letter word “Love”

When did you say it last?
Was it missing from your day?
Did you think it but not voice it?
Is it an effort to say?

Do not use it cheaply.
As a confession or a blame
Love is power, Loves not blind,
Love exposes your shame.

Tell your loved ones regularly.
Surprise them with your heart
Let them know and always show,
that love is just the start.

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