Sarah Wheatley

Sarah Wheatley is a young poet from ‘ye ol’ Essex,’ with a passion for story telling, inspiring positive mental health messages, as well as natural preservation. Using poetry, creative medias and song writing, she aims to allow others an outlet for their emotions and beliefs, as well as providing a safe haven for any individual to feel acceptance and care 
Bought up into a life of music, love and the delights of nature, she often dwells between her homes of inspiration- her allotment shed and Felixstowe seafront, where she can kick solid feet into the ground and view the positive aspects of the, often, difficult world we live in. This has in due led to an enjoyment of writing music and stories for children to aid their understanding of the challenges in our ever changing world, as well as find means to overcome them, soon uploaded on YouTube.
She also adores gardening and baking, with an ever increasing passion for cheese, pie and (always), mumma’s home cooked meals.
Her works can be found online at

@dapple crack poetry

Her first self published book will be available soon on Amazon UK.

Wood through wood

Years past
And wood through wood
I searched for each last
Hope of good
Each little candied hope of truth
That lay behind the tainted tooth

The rabbit hidden in its burrow
Sharing peace, not sadness, sorrow
Knows family all live on tomorrow
No cull see in its view.

A mottled cloth on baby lay
In sleep, In rest, in fun, in play
Dreams guilded gold and ecstacy
A feeling he'll never lose.

Old woman takes her final breath
Peaceful on her side she rests
And thinks of all the joy she's left
Love all she'd known, for love she grew

I see for what I choose
I know that hate ensues
I know we get bad news
I know pain hurts right through
But wood through wood
I choose the good

What else is there to do?


My lilac meadow
Beauty abounds
In harmony's mist

Where corn feather tree tops grow
And all is opalescecent, reminiscent bar'n bought bliss

where butterflies wings float, true lingering ease
Roam round the meadow, twirl, dance, merrylegged around me
Flit silently, flutter sunblooms
Through my heart, beat, tease.


Where I am home
And I am sailing

And heart is chorusing 

And where I sit

With my mother
At peace

This. Is it.

MoleHoles and Egos 

A molehill isn't a mountain
But to an ant, it is mighty foe

A stones throw away, is no big accolade
Unless your target is holding a bow.

An individual's unique situation
You could never full sightedly know

Choose not judge those who aim below you

What they're going through, might not be on show.

We're all human
Our lives within stained glass view
Look outside
Then look deep within you
Do they truly know
Do you, openly, exhume
The entirety of your inner world
The things that all consume


Make you feel low?
Bow like a mighty oak within strong winds.

Or are there pains within your panes
That you choose not to disclose.

Look beyond the window frame.
At all forms, sizes, shapes of woe
Let it be your chance to show kindness, friendship

Choose to help that person grow.

Stand on your shoulders
Reach to their next rainbow.

Never know, it might be you next time
Take your every chance to live life kind

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