A Review of Written in the Dust on the Ceiling Fan by Dan Flore III

“That moment when you become aware you are dreaming but have no control. That moment right before you know you will lose your temper, but can do nothing about it. That moment when you know you’re going to scream and are powerless to stop yourself. The feeling just after you start to fall, when the fear is gone and you are just at one with the air passing you by. The Feeling of weightlessness in water disappearing as the waves lap over your face. That feeling of knowing you were honest, were true, were prepared to accept that although you are not perfect you are you and sometimes, just sometimes, that’s all you can be, like it or not. All of that is where this book and Dan Flore III exist.

Written in the Dust on the Ceiling Fan is a raw and emotive delve into the mind of a writer not afraid to turn the mirror on himself.”

Steve Cawte – Editor of Impspired

The book is available here


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