Aminath Neena

Aminath Neena is an English lecturer from the picturesque archipelago nation of the Maldives. Currently, she works at, The Maldives National University. An avid lover of words, poetry is a hobby closest to her heart. Her poems usually revolve around themes such as love, relationships, spirituality, society, human rights and global issues. According to her, poetry is the gateway to spirituality because it resonates purity like no other. Among her achievements include having her poem featured in ‘Words And Music’, a programme on BBC Radio. She believes her writings to be a reflection of her thoughts, her feelings and her life.


Oh! my juvenile heart, tell me please
The lush pink rose dancing with the breeze, 
Has dazzled you
Had she not?

She had bloomed from the bud yesterday
With such a dainty scent right away
That poor you, had been intoxicated
Without a sip

Today, her face is a little paler 
To the auspicious hour
of her virgin breath in the garden

And by morrow’s passion
 it may become even more ashen
With the sun kissing away 
her delicate rouge
The fragrance even less distinct

Perhaps a bee or butterfly might 
have stolen her nectar by night
If not, the sun would steal it bit by bit

A day after she settles,
She will perhaps lose some of her petals
As the dew of freshness will be over ruled
By the dryness of withering

Far worse, that chosen day
it just might be her last stay
In this temporal domain

As the frail limbs may deplete
 from her torso, so petite
to be chased away by her suitors 
Her scent, her beauty 
Will become a fleeting memory

But yet on this awe-inspiring day 
none of these did matter to her anyway
dancing in tempo with the music
Of the rustling wind
Encircling her slender waist
She glowed happiness

Being wooed all of this time now,
she thrived somehow
Waltzing with all her heart
Smiling while she can, till it lasts
With no regrets whatsoever

Oh! wayward heart, mind you!
Learn a thing or two from her, will you!
Merry- make while you still can, till it lasts

Do not waste your time here in despair
For who can foresee tomorrow’s affair?


I was looking
at your picture
a while ago
just like I always do

before I fall asleep
and then couldn't
the temptation
to kiss you

And, as I bent down
perhaps by the joy
of finding
you even in the aftermath
of my sorrow

or perhaps by
the grief
of being realms apart,
in this deceptive domain
This, I may never know

But quite in oblivion
twin teardrops-
fell out of my eyes
on to your face
and played tricks
on my blurry vision.

And, as I watched
they landed on your eyes
making them rejuvenate
your naughty gleam
like the morning sun

And when they sparkled there-
I gazed on
quite captivated.
Then they moved right down
slowly to appear
as a miniature glacier

forming a shallow pool
over your lips
as if urging you
to quench your thirst,
as a favour

And, as I blinked
to clear my wet lashes
for a better look-
It had vanished
taking all evidence of its affairs

And yet, I thought
I saw your lips move-
For a second or two
Was it a hallucination on my part
or did you, by any chance,
taste my tears?

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