Martin Ijir

Martin Ijir is a social entrepreneur, teacher, mystic, poet, social & right activist, editor, humanist and thinker. His voice had appeared in ANA Review, LangLit Journal, Rock Pebbles Journal, Azahar Spanish Magazine, Arcs Prose-Poetry Magazine,  Amritanjali Quarterly Journal among others. He is the author of the Vulture and Eeries of Silence. Winner of 2020 Arcs Prose Poetry Award, a finalist of Sentieri diversi Associazione Culturale Poetry Prize, winning  premio internationazione d’honore in 2018 and 2019, Italy. He loves walking, meditative prayer and music apart from writing. He lives in Karu, Nasarawa State, Nigeria.

funeral vault

See how oblique her shape became 
An amoeba in fervent smile and roaring protest 
A tea with flinching spirits drank on the door 
Of political hospitality. I learned about the budgetary 
Allocation and economics of depression 

Their approach to sputtering agony increase 
As capitol police aiding domestic terrorists 
The long line of protesters whine in the sun of delay 
An easeling aroma for sentimental justice 
The heels of horse and fierce beauty of battery 

Ganged the hallowed red chamber 
With rough boots and thudding songs for 
Patriotic insurrection. Their moustache drools 
As far-rights fascists in Hitler regalia 
A Bellini approaches to acoustics silencing 

When the tar of sentiment ran in their blood 
Cleanses their ethnic blood and became their preachers 
Crumbs around the blood as wine of grape 
Dribbling from a broken tumbler 
As foams scattering on a water 

The ancient way of altering a race began 
An undulations of ousting a prefatory note 
Or a prefatory leader in a shame clothed 
Thumb out by thumbnails of wild voters 
This time the funeral vault must be opened 

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