Sandy Rochelle

Sandy Rochelle is a widely published, award winning poet, Actress and filmmaker.

Her Documentary film, Silent Journey is streaming on Culture Unplugged.


Early Dawn

I awake coffee in hand ready for battle.
The glint of the disappearing sun tantalizes me and questions my motives.
The whimper of early dawn inspires.
I am redefined by a quiet spirit that takes hold of me.
Silence surrounds me with love of the unknown.
The air exudes intelligence.
What is this life that comforts and confuses me.
Different and the same.

The Undertaker

The undertaker prepares the ground big enough to bury the stars.
It is for the as yet unnamed.
You cannot bury the soul.
The owl watches but does not comment.
It does not ask who?
As it knows the names of the uninvited.

Feverish Child

I slept as a feverish child as you surrounded me.
In a bed big enough for an elephant.
Touching my head holding and nurturing me.
You were palpable.
I chatted incoherently.
You seemed to understand my ramblings.
I heard WW2 planes overhead.
And heard the voice of James Stewart as if he was you.
You placed a cloth on my brow.
Your voice became a shared anthem.
I heard you, saw you and felt you.
My sleep was one that reversed time and place.
We changed our lives as we turned base metal into gold.
I moaned as you led me back to a past long gone.
I slept in a feverish pursuit of life before time.
I rolled from side to side and you pampered me.
My face red-my body useless.
My life not in my control.
What is this alchemy.
Where do I belong.
On this side of eternity.


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