Kevin McManus

Kevin McManus is a poet-writer from Leitrim in Western Ireland .He has published six novels, a collection of short stories and two books of poetry. His latest poetry book called “The Hawthorn Tree” is published by Lapwing Publications, Belfast.  His poems have been published in various journals including the Cormorant and The Galway Review.  

Songs of better days

Light will shine through the dark, 
as the birds at dawn sing a better song
of days to come,
new words from the ashes of the old,
floated on the air by a melody,
to encapsulate the essence,
lifeblood upon the strain,
an elegiac homage to the succession of the seasons, 
the coming of the sun from out of the cold shadows.

Brigid’s day,

On the feast of Brigid, Imbolg blessings,
the exalted goddess of healers and poets,
daughter of Dagda from the isle of Iona,
keeper of the flame,
protector of sacred wells. 

The earth is slowly reawakening,
Brigid is envisaging Spring into life,
renewal, regrowth, rejuvenation, 
green shoots pushing up through the frozen earth,
a swan on the morning lake of mist,
the lamb on the hill,
the cross of rushes.

The dawning of the light growing stronger every day,
the sap is rising, the life blood of nature,
Spring is closer.

A bell in the white morning

Nature is the temple of the soul,
spirits dancing on the breeze,
with light in your eyes,
the pale sun in the sky,
the fox and the hare,
the whin and the rush,
beauty in the banal,
a bell in the white morning.

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