Gav Skerry

I am a 46 year old struggling writer who has been struggling for a great many years.  After 20 years working in local radio, I moved into a new career in healthcare most recently the Ambulance Service.  But in my free time, I enjoy escaping into fictional worlds and enjoy creating those worlds myself.


It hurts my heart
My soul is weeping
Anger, hate and fear
No debate, just cancel

You are not like me
You are wrong
You are lesser, worse
Below me, they mean

Difference should be explored
Culture celebrated
Understood and amplified
I want to know you all
Your dreams and mine

Cowards behind keyboards
Wrapped in flags and banners
Nothing to say but no
Nothing to ask but go
Just want to attack

We have only the world
And ourselves
Still a universe to know
Around us all
I am human, and so are you

Saturday Life

English late winter
Cold in the air, but peaceful
Nothing to trouble
Or cause consternation
Life in ease

Crafts and talents to show
Working with hands
No proforma
All creation pure of heart
Life in expression

Conversations, cups of tea
Polite cake and sweet biscuits
Small village chat
Friendly smiles
Life in community

Insulated from cares
Protected from strife
Nothing to distress
50p for this, £1 for that
Saturday life

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