John Welsh

I promote writing as a therapy.

“Got a frown, write it down, Feeling blue, a pen will do”

Some of my work is deep, considered and emotive and some is daft.

The performing bug has bitten me along with the writing and I am reluctant to hand back the microphone.

I have a flat full of poetry, stories and compilations of undefined genres.

I will be famous when I am dead (well at least for 15 minutes)

John Welsh not dead just resting. 


A lonesome thirsty cowboy
Was staggering down the trail
He had been out west for three days now
His strength was about to fail
He was dreaming about beer and women
But beer most of all
A large foaming mug of froth
Into which he was about to fall
But just as he was giving up
Some buildings came in sight
Mirages usually were more attractive
This place was not too bright
Still I bet it’s got a saloon
With beer and girls and beer
So he hurried on as best he may
If he could he would even cheer
The saloon bar was dusty
As dusty as his throat
He croaked out large one bartender
As he stood in a dried out moat
A few other rednecks
Sat at tables playing poker
But his gaze and thoughts were on his pint
Steady lad he said no choker
Just as he grasped the cool handle
A commotion caused him to frown
A cowboy rushing in and exclaimed
BIG BLACK JAKE is coming to town!
Every cowboy as one man
Ran quickly out the door
The lonesome thirsty cowboy
Was left shaking on that floor
But no he said I will make a stand
I deserve this beer and more
so he stood up tall to enjoy his drink
Although he was only five foot four
He felt a small vibration
He saw it in his beer
He moved over to the door
To watch his nemesis appear
Along the street came a buffalo
With horns as wide as barns
And on him rode a man in black
Huge with muscular arms
He looked tough and he looked hard
A sneer below his hat
His mighty beast could walk over cowboys
And leave them all squashed flat
This lonesome still thirsty cowboy
Thought a welcome might keep death at bay
“I cannot stop said the booming reply
BIG BLACK JAKE is on his way!”

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