Purbasha Roy

I am a writer from Jharkhand,India.  A she/her. My work has appeared or is forthcoming in Rigorous Magazine, Panoply, Better than Starbucks, Shrapnel, Metaphysical-Times, Red Rock Review, View Magazine and elsewhere.

At times  i am tired of me 

What's done is done,like unapologetic flatness of love.
An era ends in mental-space.Nothing makes sense 
other than word-shadows all jumbled 
to a coerced mass.Sounds peeled down  
from astrayed conciousness drags rust-void inside
arrangement of thoughts all stolen by elsewhere.
Here elsewhere are maybes of
memories   shores   hills  lapidified past
what sustains a damage  a dent on a whole
my exceptional pride introduces 
me to unnimbled familiarities of cold

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