Sandy Rochelle

Sandy Rochelle is a poet- actress and filmmaker. She narrated and produced the documentary film- Artwatch, about famed art historian, James Beck.

She is the recipient of the Autism Society of  America’s Literary Achievement Award and hosted the television series-‘On Our Own, winner of the President’s Award. Her Documentary Film, Silent Journey is streaming on:


Publications include: Black Poppy Magazine, Lothlorien Poetry Review, Trouvaille Review, Poetic Sun, Wild Word, Moon Shadow Sanctuary Press, Writing in a Woman’s Voice, Every Day Writer, Ekphrastic Review, Spillwords Press, Dissident Voice, Amethyst Review, Backchannel Journal, Formidable Woman, Sweetycat Press, Indelible and others.

The Cabin

I have a solitary cabin in the woods.
it is my soul.
Do not visit me there.

Barren Earth

The barren earth speaks no more.
The wilderness accepts our plea.
Forgotten by the sun once promised.
We bow our heads in forbearance and strength.
The love that in inescapable will guide us to the
Garden we once knew.
How well did you tend your garden.
Our silent voices know that toil will 
Redeem itself.
Our visions guide our prayers.
The desert is outside.
The garden is within.
How will you tend your garden.
The days will not wither.
The sky will not darken.
The earth will not dim.
The mud that dries our hands.
Is the alchemy  that waits unseen.
Published by Lothlorien Review


As Merlin sang I exchanged my life.
I became a hawk and then an eagle and  then
An owl.
Wings appeared on the soles of my feet and I
Took flight.
The trees housed my spirit.
Streams and lakes sprung form the deep
And dry earth.
Rocks remembered the day their souls were lost.
The earth meditated.
The only sound was the song the fish

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