Bruce Morton

Bruce Morton splits his time between Arizona and Montana. He was formerly Dean of Libraries at Montana State University.

The Orwell Cycle: High Kudos

The things that we say
Reveal what we think or that
We are not thinking
Avoid the passive
Much better to be active
Than be aggressive
Alternative facts
As a matter of fact are
In fact not so true
The new speak you speak
Is nonsense to those who speak
Understood spoken
Wind becomes solid
While words politicians speak
Challenge all belief
All pigs are equal
Although different some are
Chops others bacon
With most religions
And isms their adherents are
Quite inadequate
The old maids pedal
Bicycling to communion
Through the morning mist
The soot-faced buildings
Are reminder of those who
Sweat deep in the mines

Evil atmosphere 
Of war, gaunt untidy town
Shabby, half-empty

Big brother is not
A sibling not family 
No need to love him
Tea is the opium
That allows them to forget
Wigan Pier is gone
The rich too are slaves
To what they have and to greed
The poor to bare need
Big Brother only
Cares for Big Brother but may
Appear to like you

Use tea from Ceylon
Or India for the buzz to feel
Wiser and braver
In small quantities
Best in a china teapot
Pewter may also serve
Warm the pot before
Right before serving best done
Set right on the stove 
The tea must be strong
Six teaspoons full is just right
For the tea lover
Put the tea loose in
The pot, no bag, no strainer
Is best to infuse
Teapot to kettle
Please not kettle to teapot
Pour well at a boil

Always a deep cup
Not the flat and shallow kind
Lest tea cool too fast

 Use milk, no cream please 
Always pour the tea first then
Add and stir to taste
Best taken without
Sugar so like life it is
Meant to be bitter

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