Charlotte Neal

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The tigress which others see,  
Intimidating, strong and gutsy
Hides the vulnerable cub's innate
Curled up to her trusted mate 
Thrown in a bag, tossed aside 
Cold relentless water, the harsh tide
Paralysed, alone and broken 
Old wounds. split wide open 
Bleeding out with self-doubt 
The frightened cub cry’s out
Wakes the tigress, and with a roar
Rescues herself and swims ashore…

Romanticism versus realism

Secretly wishing to be swept away 
By declarations of love
The core of my romantic notions
Covered in layers of realism 
Gradually waking up to the fact 
It’s a fantasy, that won’t happen
Clashing with this superficial reality
Commercial gods, consumer dates
It’s fake, so I ride my cares away
On beautiful four-legged mounts 
Taking comfort from friendship


Storm Dudley blusters and blows 
Surging gusts, that keenly clamour 
Battened down in candlelight
Intoxicated by the maniacal tones
Outside I roam, buffeted I crouch
Hunker down still defiantly bold
Sheltered by the sharp-fanged briar
Into your eye, I glare and scowl
Yield and laud your power.

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