David Lenna

David Lenna’s poems have appeared in Adelaide Magazine, The Broken City, and Jokes Literary Review, among others. David lives in Prague, but still you can send him some regards @hehasanaccount.

Just Like with Alice

The dream be over, soldiers in front of me, they're
opening their doors with a smile and slobbering.
I stand nude there waiting. I know, many things
can be taken out of my hands. What is there? Hills
full of green, even the blue is on the background.
Remembering all these little moments when I
hadn't tons of water under my skin. Would I wish
to change something not found? Oh, yes, honey,
make a wish. Something you want, every bird
is free in your heart. Parrots, white doves, owls
in the night. Let them fly, honey, otherwise, 
they will die, don't want to scare you. Go, honey, 
and have fun. Does that fish scare your birds? 
You aren't here, oh, I forgot, yeah, no games or 
trees across my sight. Just lords and clowns.
Hey, how to outrun them? Honey, I have no clue.

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