Johanne Lee

  I am Johanne Lee, proud Mancunian and mother to three grown. I am published in several  anthologies namely Soul Poet Society and The Poetry Kingdom and Open Skies. I am an author of Children’s picture books and have been shortlisted and published in a 2020 lockdown anthology named Coast and Waters. Also pleased to be included in Impspired’s upcoming collection ‘ Heart of the Matter’.


I will not write of ends
Or on the morrow write of drought, bearing Sahara sentences..
Wandering aimlessly about gasping on the lack of grammar, without a logical thought to grace a distant horizon

Through lines--- alliteration fraught
Where misplaced words and blots run dry and friendships that cannot inspire the who’s, what’s and when’s and where’s that cry release of diction—drab—and dire
Errant of truthful expression—
Will mourn the chimes euphonious, emotions fumbled at the last.
Breeding nothing harmonious

I will not write today of ends
We ribbon wrap and tightly seal, or on the morrow write of drought
When I don’t know how I will feel

What’s the Matter

The matter of us drifts some day’s aimless, nameless molecules
meeting particles 
Sinking in substance and forming
without warning
something wonderful—

Why question the maybe?

Because truth sits on the window sills, gazing at sunsets that  chase sunrise

Sun and Moon

That’s clever

You will matter forming without warning into something beautiful


Why question in maybe?

Truth sits by the ocean swims to you daily and washes you in tides

And the matter of you will form without warning into something passionately driven…


I see  you climbing mountains, running through boundaries
Hopping over stiles..
You tripped 

So what?

You matter more than one can say on moors of Moorish delight

Why question the maybe?

You breathe rolling mists over hillsides
Embracing the dawn, singing to a sunrise on wings of ecstasy..

You live and you matter…

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