Kevin Patrick Sullivan

My life has been guided by the stars – the ocean – the light falling through trees. I have been on the Central Coast of California for 48 years. I’m a retired landscaper from San Luis Coastal Unified School District

 Kevin Patrick Sullivan’s books include, First Sight, The Space Between Things, Under Such Brilliance and Unimpaired. His poems have appear in such journals as Artlife, Askew, Solo, Solo Novo, Cafe Solo, Hummingbird, Lummox, Miramar ,Salt and several anthologies including,  Sometimes In The Open- Poems From California’s Poets Laureate: on the web at Other Voices International. He was the editor with his wife, Patti Sullivan of the anthology, Corners of the Mouth-A Celebration of Thirty Years at the Annual San Luis Obispo Poetry Festival. He was declared a “cultural asset” by the City Council of San Luis Obispo in 2001.
Kevin is a Poet Laureate Emeritus (2003) of  the City of San Luis Obispo. In 1984 he co-founded and continues to curate the Annual San Luis Obispo Poetry Festival.

A Coronach

My mother is dead
My mother is dead
I her only son
Have gone without her
She who danced to my words
Who cleansed me of all sin
Who smoothed the path to
My father
My mother is dead

Moonlight Meditation

The moonlight exposes this cove
The shore opening in this white water 
The beam’s glowing reflection 
Mirrors my heart’s longing 
In this dark night

Let me in
I am only a stranger
Till the light

Peace In The Time Of War

The way home is gone 
bombs have dropped
craters and debris pock                                                         
marked the city
my route now scurries
around the dead
I have no hope through
the rocket’s red glare
the bullet’s trajectory 

I calm myself here
and there
this is the peace
I know

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