Satabdi Saha

Satabdi is an ex professor, a bilingual poet and author. Born in Calcutta and living with neighbours from all walks of life, she gained experience mostly from observing them closely. Though spiritually inclined, she protests against injustices, and is drawn to the factors that determine human happiness. She is a humanist and voices her rage and grief at any form of exploitation or oppression, be it in the lowest domestic to national and international sphere. Her condemnation of poverty, racism, colour discrimination, socio-political oppression is loud and clear. She is a romantic as well as an inveterate spiritualist. Satabdi is rooted to the earth, fascinated by the most familiar and unfamiliar, real and imaginative. Some of her stories deal with the supernatural and she has a penchant for things quirky. Her writings are simple and intimate. She has publications in numerous printed and online global magazines and anthologies. Satabdi has won certificates and awards for her writings. An avid reader, she is also a film enthusiast with a certificate from IFTI India.


I drown in madness 
Lunar madness; when wafting breeze 
Kisses my cheek and you, moon,
Make me shiver with warmth 
Of syrupy silver, changing into soft shadows 
With golden streaks of lights. 
In the  vast open, I look at you
Surrounded by million loves,
Laughing with twinklings ; igniting 
Images, as though, through the broken mirrors, 
Parts of yourself snuggle up
Inside my dark, undiscovered self, 
Flirting with the laces, breezed 
Restless on my unsullied pillow 
Leaving me envious. 
I endeavour to reach 
The untouchable warm-cold you scatter,
Tantalizingly---but still my bed
Remains in virgin-hunger of your touch.
The trees shake hands with winds
Their wings wanding into magic silver
And I so deprived, except for my thoughts;
The blow-away distances; till I meet you,  
In my insane dreams.

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