The Blue Red Lyrae

A REVIEW of ‘The Blue Red Lyrae by Mehreen Ahmed’


The twin novella “The Blue Red Lyrae” by Mehreen Ahmed is a two-story book in which the two protagonists ’entire lives intertwine like strings on a lyre. I honestly liked the first story in which we follow Rhonda and her thoughts on the past and present. The second story is more based on the fantasy and imagination of the main character, the girl Joe, who is looking for her cat King George. But what these two stories have in common is that the protagonists have an extremely difficult and tangled life. Rhonda tries to save her dysfunctional family, and Joe tries to save her devastated inner world by finding that path through the visually imaginary world of stories. The book is beautifully written and every word is intertwined with thoughts and feelings. I would recommend it to lovers of the written word and fiction. A poetic note runs through the stories, according to which the writer plays like an experienced musician, gently touching each string of the lyre with her fingers of soul.


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