Anissa Sboui

A University teacher and poet, living in Sousse, Tunisia.

-The writer of 5 volumes in English language: Transcend (2018), Rebirth (2019)and Number One (2020), The Co-Avid Breath (2021) and Hurricane (2022). She wrote 2 poetry books in Arabic and 2 short-stories, entitled “Alone” and “Coincidence”.

– Her poems featured in Writing in a Woman’s Voice, The Writers’ Club, The Criterion Galaxy: International Multidisciplinary Research Journal, Dumpster Fire Press, Medusa’s Kitchen, The 2020 Annual by the Elizabeth River Writers, Valiant Scribe, Impspired Magazine.

What if

What if the autist gets along With the ill
What if the wheel-chaired Stand still
Like a savage skyscraper or a Corbelled dome

What if the female ignores Snoring slumber,
Strikes the drum, hears the echo

What if politicians cease Lying to us about the reduced Prices, the economic stability Or tax-free services…

What if Nobel Prize winning Figures come to terms with Real estates
What if the war plotters Furnish their tanks with Jasmine

What if Jerusalem is set free
What if Arabs regain the Distorted dignity
Of centuries plunged into Acute stupidity

What if the west brakes to see 
The seeds of consistent Demonization, the world famine
The excavated mines, the Overt diplomatic theft 
The unending media race, Fake views with nation cleft

A Woman Is a Book

A woman is a comic book
Once you finish reading it, 
You  start giggling nonstop
Without knowing when hysteria, to drop…

A woman is a tragic book,
Once you finish fathoming its treasure,
You are plunged into profound sorrow without merciful measure …

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