Dharmpal Mahendra Jain

Born (1952) and raised in tribal reserve of Jhabua, India, Dharm is a Toronto based Author. He writes in Hindi and has seven published books- five collections of satirical essays and two collections of Poetry. He is a columnist for three prestigious journals Chankya Varta, Vishwa gatha and Setu. His works have appeared in prestigious Hindi journals across the world. He is currently working on a full-length collection in English. FB: http://www.facebook.com/dharmpalmahendra/  Web page – http://www.dharmtoronto.com  

The best

To compose the best prayer
I chose lots of words
all my life
and wrote, 

My Earth Looks Extraordinary

Standing at the eastern end of the Earth
I have soldered my soul here for now.
Everyone stops and stands amazed,
looking at the sandy surface of the drenched Earth,
giggling at the frolics of the sea.
The wind, with aromas stolen from all over the Earth,
runs to hide in the arms of the sea,
as the sun with its rays
threads the restless waves;
they have been engaged in the job 
for ages without a wink,
and the fragrant Earth stands smiling,
invincible, impregnable.

An emotional experience beyond description
it is to feel the energy
at the end of the Earth.
These rocks, should I say,
made of the finest metals,
never allow the time 
to peep into them.
Howsoever strong the impulse of the sea,
even when it freezes into sharp sheets of ice,
upon hitting the Earth’s chest,
still has to melt into water.
My Earth looks extraordinary here.

The noble land that
I can turn into soil
and hold in my fingers
is so hard here. Like iron
is the top rocky surface of the Earth,
and its thickness measures
the whole of the planet – 
and the sun wishes to pierce through it. 
Rays of light hit this exterior  
and I watch them reflect
to create lusters of billions of suns.
They cause so much glare in my eyes
that I see nothing.
It is not the darkness before my eyes.
It is the light created by the Earth
penetrating my sight. 

A few steps away from this point on Earth,
longing for an untamed life,
seeds are sprouting,
flowers are blossoming,
bumblebees are humming,
all oblivious to the fact 
that at the end of the Earth
for trillions of years
an unending war has been ongoing
with the sea.
They are safe, secure, intrepid
on the Earth.
My Earth again looks extraordinary.

One Must Plunge in Love

Worries, joys, sins, virtues, ancestors:
all must be immersed, 
and with a free mind and naked body
you must take a plunge
if you wish to love the river. 

One must pass
through thorny bushes,
muddy clay on the shore,
pebbles, and stones
to reach the midstream of love.

A deep dive into the water 
is necessary to fully feel a river.
The jet of the waterfall 
has to be caught just right
to experience its impulse.
Its highs and lows cannot be sensed
only in waves.

One must plunge in love, deeply.

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