Rajitha Kondasani

Rajitha Kondasani is an Indian poet and short story writer from Subbirayanipalli of Rayalaseema Region, a draught area. She is an anganvadi teacher where she teaches to the rural children. Having come fromfarmers family her themes focus on the adversities of farmers, women and children. She won many awards for her poetry and is a widely published poet.

These poems were translated into English by Sreekanth Kopuri who is an Indian poet from Machilipatnam, India and current poetry editor of Kitchen Sink Magazine. He recited his poetry in University of Oxford, John Hopkins University, Heinrich Heine University and many others. His poems appeared in Christian Century Arkansan Review, Chicago Memory House, Heartland Review.  

Come ..

I perpetually burn 
being a torch to kindle the world.

A timeless individual 
days spill as leaves from my existence itself.

Nothing special
I'm the hearth and the burden too on it, 

I'm for production 
and reproduction too

I'm for myself and yourself,
It's I who unite many to one

I'm the one 
who turns the universe into abundance

What will you give me in particular 
and how much?

What will you search me for? 
and where?

It's I who brought you into the world, 
but it's me you try to cram in a snake basket, 
playing the pungi

I don't want your garlands 
nor salutes nor even your sorcerous art 
that wraps silk dress as per need

Come if you can! 

Let’s become a shoulder for a shoulder 
of left and right; in and out,

a firm shake-hand
an unceasing embrace

Let's move from the deceptive world 
to the underground;

from underground 
to the true world of humanity 
cleaving the sky.

My Country’s Backbone…..

Farmer is a golden duck
that lays eggs 
on the leaders' behalf today

Even if degenerated 
from honorable state
to wretchedness 
with market becoming 
the brokers' kingdom
and rat-eaten 

My country's backbone! 
Even if your back is broken or bent
unable to bear the burden of debts

Your plough, that tills 
for the sake of khaddar-donned leaders 
 must prosper even if fruitless

Love’s Non-Duality

He comes shining,
chasing off the stars,
before the threshold of our street opens.

If he is the Sun 
I pursue him becoming his Sunflower 

When he comes in the night with the stars, 
I become the star-Jasmine fragrance . 

When I try to open my lip,
he utters as a song  becoming the word. 

If he is a green tree, 
I become the green of those spring leaves

If his eyes turn moist, 
I become a bone bole

He becomes raining cloud to re-sprout me, 
I thrill becoming spring 

Even if the seasons change 
he becomes a brand new dot of vermillion on my forehead everyday. 

If he glows as a lamp in thurible, 
lights flower in my eyes, 

they spread around the world 
and banter even the rays of moon 

I wonder how the mirror knows 
that we are one 

If I peep into him 
it shows only him as reflection..!! 

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