Anissa Sboui

A University teacher and poet, living in Sousse, Tunisia.

-The writer of 5 volumes in English language: Transcend (2018), Rebirth (2019)and Number One (2020), The Co-Avid Breath (2021) and Hurricane (2022). She wrote 2 poetry books in Arabic and 2 short-stories, entitled “Alone” and “Coincidence”.

– Her poems featured in Writing in a Woman’s VoiceThe Writers’ Club, The Criterion Galaxy: International Multidisciplinary Research Journal, Dumpster Fire Press, Medusa’s Kitchen, The 2020 Annual by the Elizabeth River Writers, Valiant Scribe, Impspired Magazine.

Dancing with the Wall

A woman,    alone     , in the fall
White wall waits, wanting warm waste
Legs left the ground
Bounces like a magnetic doll
A swift plastic train
Rolling round the room
Children catch not its wagons
Vaporized like fake foam

A woman,  alone  , in summer keeps

Wrapping ‘bra-burning’ around her breast 
Tapping the sick back
To rhyme with the swinging neck
Swollen thighs are like balloons
Needy of deflating the deadly fat

A woman    , alone     , in spring can
The wall is her safe fence
To drop her to dormant romance
Rosy radiation
Follows the rhythmic beat
Projection of silence, in defence

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