Anna Davis

Anna Davis is studying Fine Art and Film at university. She has recently started bringing writing into her practice, mainly by incorporating spoken word poems into her film work. She has found it an invaluable method of expressing her experiences and feelings about a variety of topics including anxiety, childhood, sexuality and intimacy.

I cry every day

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration
to say I cry every day.
My cheekbones ache
and bow like old furniture,
water damaged.


Shadows circle your neck,
the dip of your shoulder is deep
and darkly invites me.
A millimetre of isolated film
repeats out of context
from black to you to black,
and you’re still breathing too hard
and you still smell like a sigh-
no- like humming.
Let’s talk self-control.
Lie with me now, pull me inside.
Would you?
If hands asked a question
from throat to chest to belly
wide-eyed over buttons and blurred skin,
today the answer would be yes.

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