Alan Catlin

Alan Catlin has several new books in the works including a long series of noir movie poems concluding with three chapbooks in one book under the title Exterminating Angels from Kelsay for mid-year 2022. he also has two chapbooks coming soon as well: Satan’s Kiss from Gutter Snob ad Dream Rider from Orchard Street Press.


“She’s a maniac
	a maniac 
	and she’s dancing like 
	she never danced before….”

She was one of those girls who
maintained their body mass index
near zero on a strict diet of Cocoa
Puffs and methamphetamines.
Could be heard as the wailing banshee
voice as a backup singer on punk rock
albums, everyone’s favorite studio
artist in and out of her clothes.  
Was as flexible as a gymnast and
as creative as a sideshow contortion
queen taking on all the odd armies
of the night. Even after a week
without sleep, her moves on dance floors
defied gravity as if she were some
demented female stage door Johnny/
Ms. Nijinsky brought back to earth to torment 
all the love sick cowboys with their six guns 
hair triggered, loaded, and ready to go off. 
Was wound so tight that when the spring
inside her let go she might just,
spin right off into outer space, might just 
spontaneously combust. 

The sadeyed dogs of summer lost in the street

and the heartsick women who
fed them, the picked clean bones
and the flesh that once clung to them,
all those stifling nights behind sheer 
curtains, late night movies that cycle 
from one to the other, all showing the same
themes of hate and lust and greed,
death winning out in the end, usually
aided and abetted by stolen guns,
the perfect murder someone always solves,
dooming the killer to walk the line to
a hangman’s noose or a locked chamber
like this one, the only object missing,
the poison pellets, but even these may be
provided in the final reel.

List of Particulars

Subject is a Caucasian male:
		approximately six feet in height
		aged between 20 and 25
		weight 180-185 pounds
		muscular build

Distinguishing marks include:
		an elaborate phoenix rising tattoo on his chest
			he likes to show off		
		burning skull tattoos on both sides of his neck
		eagle clutching lightning bolts tattoo on his forehead
		knife blade scar on left cheek and right forearm
		bullet wound scars on left and right calves
		there may be other bullet wounds

Is presumed to be armed and dangerous

Always carries at least one gun

Generally more

Answers to the name of Zeke the Freak

May have other aliases

Known associates include gang members in several large and small 
	urban areas

Also has been known to attend White Supremacist rallies throughout
	the South and North where he is perceived as an agitator

If subject is sighted: do not, under any circumstances, try to engage
	or apprehend.  Immediately contact local law enforcement

This subject is suspected in a number of states for violent felonies and
	several homicides

Subject has severe paranoid delusions and is actively aggressive when
	he feels threatened

The life you save may be your own

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