R. Gerry Fabian

R. Gerry Fabian is a published poet and novelist.

He has published four books of his published poems, Parallels, Coming Out Of The Atlantic, Electronic Forecasts and Ball On The Mound. In addition, he has published four novels: Getting Lucky (The Story), Memphis Masquerade, Seventh Sense and Ghost Girl. 

Vulnerable Vicissitude

I see love through swollen eyes.
There is no way to take a measurement of pain.
Floating clouds bring sleet stinging rain.
My innocence exposed
like the raw nerve ends of a concrete fall.
I placed no guard on the concept
of infatuated betrayal.
It hits hard like a staggering concussion.

So, I retreat and bind my wounds
and examine my complete lack of defense.
I carefully establish a new perimeter:
one that will still allow kisses
but set a time coefficient for expansion
while I silently mourn the end
of absolute angel trust.

Temporary Gods

appear in vivid focus
out of a personal fog
every so often
with paper-cut impact.
The song that 
shudders your soul,
the novel that
creates your credo,
the person that
becomes your breath.
The stimulation is so
as you approach -
so sensuously blinding;
you never sense the edge
of the razor slashing pain
that accompanies their flaws.

The Cassandra Blood Angel

appears in the night mist
wearing all white
with bright red gloss lips.
She encapsulates the energy
of caution and impending calamity.
Like a prophetess,
her voice is steady and slowly soft.
Her words are often archaic 
but absolutely correct
there are no believers.

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