Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Vatsala Radhakeesoon has been writing poems for 30 years and she is the author of numerous poetry books. She is also an abstract artist and likes to experiment various possibilities that bless Art.
Vatsala is a literary translator and currently lives at Rose-Hill, Mauritius. Poet’s blog link related to her books:

Love in the 21st Century

Where is love with all its beauty?

Deaf to the dawn sky,
Blinded amidst the birdsongs,
Dumb to The Divine’s signs.

O Human Race!
What have you made of it?

Chasing your fantasies 
on the fearless illusory screens,
A bold NO to sensual virtual-ness 
births thousands of sinful scorns.

Mind of madness,
Heart of huge Self,
Soul of lost seas.

O Human Race!
Where is love with all its beauty?

Blurred softness,
Blurred patience,
Fading seed of self-respect.

O Humankind!
Is there still love with all its beauty?

Poets’ Love (a  duet)

Give me a word!


Give me a line!

In your softness of words- pillow
I rest my head.

O my love!
In all your lines let me drown!

Let your intellectual fingers
glove mine,
Let’s waltz on the keyboard- ballroom,
A comma (,) is too insecure   my dear,
It’s too short-lived,
I’m scared ,
It's the sound
of the  nearing breeze of loneliness.
So, Let the semi-colon strengthen
that waist-line!

 Oh come on my darling -Stanzas!
Off we, swirl (pirouette) in the air,
Look, we are interconnected!
If you delete or misplace any  of us,
tears of incompleteness sigh
amidst the unwanted blanks  !

Oh No, my Love!
I’ve saved it firmly in the laptop’s Tech- embrace,
I’ve secured it on various precious USB necklaces or earrings – 
some permanent jewellery for the next  generations’ legacy .

O my sweetheart!
What a blessing you are!
Our Poetry, weaved  from every firmament
of True Love (Creative Love)
shall in the garden of Immortality
breathe the permanent fragrance
of delight
of awe
of some scholar’s criticism
of mystery
of depth!

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