Darren Lynch

Darren Lynch is a twenty three year old student from Dublin , Ireland. Currently living in Germany. Darren has only recently got into poetry and is working towards his first collection titled The Neighbourhood of Madness. The work produced by him is a reflection of his life experiences and interest in the subconious thought. Darren has a background in music and is currently the lead singer of his band falling purple. More material of his will be made availble through his instagram @thedarrenlynchexperience in the upcoming weeks. 

The Dance of Eventide

Jewelled succession
The gentle awake
In honour of carefully laid streams
The morrow lives now
Reason in the clenched 
Now illuse
Rapture of peace bounding an eternal youth
Promised pleasures fabled so rich 
In sanctuaries of light 
The moment time bells shall ring in clear heighted echoes liberating
The sign of chosen escaping in the structured labour fields 
The hands torn in messaging
To find entry in new begining love brings well 
Mended in the wide smile 
Perched in the colours to find us
We can leave cold obedience ode in the creed of life 
Dressed in touched heaven 
To witness the immaculate dawn 
Images of evoking filmic perception arise 
Loosely gathered in warm feast 
To dance through eventide 
The soul welcomes night 
An assembled prospering to roam 
In the reason of radiant dreams.

The Inquisition of Mockery

Liberated flickr of passion in lights 
Come awake to a scent of dreams
To the voices come above 
Redeem us now in the scream of sleep
Blood stained toros of the saints of time 
Ensuing words on the virtue forlong
To be ordered procession 
In a scripture of good death
Wishes to hold you
A clouded mystery in a gift of embodied life 
To be queued in the vanity of rainfall skies
Is surely not to be the doggedly gained banquet  
Of the nourished fire to whiter the commotion of night 
The cynical reason of oh mind 
Longs to be truthful resolve 
In a wet tongued grog infested advent 
To be stated depths of the wild seas 
For in wisdomed soaked wreckage of canvas of wishful men 
At liberty a childlike release 
For the glory of claim 
To live on in the handheld conceal 
Perpetually shadowed in surrounds 
The magnificent feat 
In evasive mockery

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