Judge Santiago Burdon

The Odyssey of JUDGE Santiago Burdon begins in the “City of Big Shoulders”, as Sandburg called it in his poem “Chicago”.

His father named him Judge, hoping he would pursue a career in law. He had no idea his son would end up appearing in front of so many.

He attended Universities in the United States and abroad, focusing his studies on Victorian Literature and Authors.

Santiago’s short stories and poems have been featured in over one hundred fifty Magazines, On-line Literary Journals, Podcasts and Anthologies. He was listed in “Who’s Who of Emerging Writers 2020” and again in 2021.

His first book “Stray Dogs and Deuces Wild Cautionary Tales” was published in January 2020 by Arthur Graham Editor Horror Sleaze Trash Press. His next book, a collection of poems, “Not Real Poetry” was published in July 2021 by Steve Cawte, Editor of Impspired Press, Lincolnshire, England.

 Arthur Graham, Editor of Horror Sleaze Trash Press launched Santiago’s third book, “Quicksand Highway” , more short stories of adventurous mayhem, in September 2021.  

Steve Cawte, Editor/Publisher Impspired Press, published “Fingers In The Fan” the fourth book by Santiago in July 2022.  

‘Tequila’s Bad Advice’ ( poetry with the worm) another collection of visceral poems, is slated to be published in December 2022. 

 ‘Overdose of Destiny ‘ (Impulse Fiction) will be his 6th book. Once again he provides more short stories of a Bohemian lifestyle with the same bizarre tales, gritty dialogue and dark humor Santiago has made popular in his past books. It is due to be launched in February 2023.

Santiago turned 69 last July and is close to completing a nonfiction novel ‘Imitation of Myself ‘ divulging experiences while working as a drug runner for a Mexican Cartel. He is living modestly in Costa Rica.


      (With Backstory)

Balloonitarian Groups believe when death comes to visit a loved one, the string attached to the balloon of life also containing the soul is released, then slowly there’s an ascent delivering them higher into the forever sky, drifting wherever the gentle breeze carries souls,  all  sins are forgiven as they diffuse from the balloon along with the noble gas escaping into the boundless atmosphere, leisurely, lazily moving downward, finally coming to rest somewhere on the surface of the Mystic Ocean, bobbing back and forth to the gentle rhythm of waves, where soon a seal or possibly a sea tortoise, will swallow the polymer remains of the balloon whole, causing it to choke to death.


Backstory to this poem.

I was attending a Grief Support group dealing with my severe grief over my daughter McKenzie’s death in a car accident caused by a careless driver. The Therapist group leader announced that next Saturday we will be attending a multi-group event to release balloons into the sky in memory of our loved ones that had passed.

I told the group leader I wouldn’t be attending the event. She attempted to change my mind telling me it was time to face my grief and this event is designed to release that grief. I explained my reason by telling her this story;

Years ago when my daughter McKenzie was at the age of just nine. We were enjoying a carnival in Tucson with the entire family. McKenzie began crying for no apparent reason. When I asked why she was shedding all those tears.

She pointed to the sky where I noticed a red helium balloon sailing into the blue Arizona sky. 

In a sincere voice she said: 

“Look at the balloon flying away.

Now a Seal or Sea Tortoise is going to die.”  I explained my reason to not attend the event by telling the Group Leader the story. I’m not sure she understood.  I never returned to the group.


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