Robin Payne

Robin Michele Payne is a native Californian who grew up loving to read and write from a young age. Writing poems and short stories has always been her real passion in life. After losing touch with her creative self over the years, she has just recently delved headlong into it once more. Her works have been accepted in multiple, worldwide published magazines and she has won awards for her poetry online and in poetry slams. 

After living in Cairo, Egypt for twelve years, she now resides in Shrewsbury, England to increase her knowledge in the literary arts, play writing, and physically exploring the haunts and legends of the greats who reside there (both current and long departed).

Her biggest inspiration is the love of her life, alongside nature and everything beautiful, dark and full of spirit. She writes what is close to her heart, even if that means laying her soul open for all the world to read. She writes from her whole being, and is just trying to leave this world a little bit better with her words.

Most Beloved

In darkness I've been living as a ghost;
A shadow of the one I loved the most,
Instead of mine, it's others lives I've been engrossed.
From my own enchantment, now awake!
Giving in to fear was my first mistake;
The “horrors" of this life thought lived, were fake —
Whispers to myself — Oh, the lies I've told
To pacify the child within — who was too bold;
Discomfort caused to those keeping her controlled.
No more! Set free, I take unsteady strides
Toward a life that's mine; which coincides
With the hopes and dreams inside, that resides. 

Within she — the one love most: Me, myself, and I;
All of her, shared with you, until the day I die!


In solitude he walks down darkened streets
Unaware of his impact of those he meets;
A quick glance of blue and slight nod of head,
Lost deep in thought on words that were said.
Footsteps and her voice echo in his mind,
Though she seemed sincere — he was disinclined
To trust in things said so soft and tender;
Fear he would get caught up in her splendour.
Her eyes shined brightly as she spoke those lines
Resembling those he'd heard a thousand times;
Revealed after to be naught but hollow
Vessels — meaningless but easy to swallow.

He longed to believe what she said was true,
As he walked this path — his heart, he withdrew. 


“I can see through you", she said to her reflection;
The returned stare gave her no affection,
Nor those closed lips spoke any correction.
“ What is it that you hoped to see?” asked she;

“Expected youth to last eternally?
You're a fallen leaf from an ancient tree,
Which once was full and green upon the branch.
Over time and years you began to blanch,

Without the life blood from the trunk you had no chance.
With the softness of a breeze — you did fall;
Nature is not something you can forestall,
And soon enough the Earth will be your pall.”

Picking up the leaf — she holds it to the sun,
Understanding now that death — you can't outrun. 

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