Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott is a native of Fredericton, NB. During his time as an active poet, Andrew Scott has taken the time to speak in front of classrooms, judge poetry competitions, and have over 200 hundred writings published worldwide in such publications as The Art of Being Human, Battered Shadows and The Broken Ones.

Andrew Scott has published multiple poetry books, Snake with A Flower, The Phoenix Has Risen, The Path, The Storm Is Coming, Whispers of the Calm, Searching and Letter To You, a novella, Redemption Avenue anda book of photography, Through My Eyes.

A Walk Through Time is Andrew Scott’s second book of photography

To contact Andrew, email …

The Channeler

Part I – Channeling

I do not know what to call it
so I call it channeling.
It is a blessing and a curse. 

Hard to explain how it feels,
knowing a person’s thoughts
and feelings others cannot see. 
I can see and feel those. 

It is a lonely feeling,
knowing I have this.
Try not to use this a lot
however it hits when channeling hits.
Have never been able
to control the times
the body involuntarily tingles.

Sometimes I feel everything
and I come to where I am now
to straighten out my head,
sorting through it all. 

Part II – Discovered

Without knowing,
I discovered I could channel
at a very young age.
Right when I turned into a teenager. 

Some may call it instincts,
mine were really refined. 

I was a tall, thin kid for my age.
This made me a target
for older kids who liked
to thrown around their weight. 

I could feel when the first
punch or shove was coming. 
There was not a counter strike.
I hit first and last.
Sadly, a reputation was formed
and others would try, just to see. 

The worse one was when 
my own father went to swing.
I felt it coming and connected first.
That time leads me to the here and now. 

Part III – The Touch

Legitimately, throughout the years
the one thing I hate the most
are people touching me in any way. 

I can feel if the person
is a good or bad person.
It is the simplest way to putting it.
Their intentions flow through me.
I do not wish to know at times. 

I have felt friends that
tried to do things behind my back
that were considered deceitful.
That is why my circle is small. 

People do not understand
why I am a bit of a loner
and I cannot explain it
nor do I want too. 

They will never get it. 

Part IV – The Sickness

It was not until my twenties
that channeling made me sick.
My stomach started doing loops.
I blamed it on too much coffee. 

A special person to me
was out and not thinking of me
when the truth came for sure.
I told her the date and time
and where she was. 
I could not explain how I knew. 

There is nothing worse
than getting sick
in the pit of the stomach
then waiting to find out why
if it is not obvious. 

I shelter away, pace,
looking everywhere
until it happens.
It always does.
Until then, I disappear. 

Part V – Lightening Bolts

My body started to feel jolts,
hitting me in the past few years.
Feels like lightening bolts
to my insides. 

When it hits, I shudder.
I feel other’s feelings from afar.
It is overpowering. 

When you know a friend is hurting
however cannot do anything
but search out to see
if they and everything is okay.
Sad when I know they are lying 
however I can only ask.
Who would believe what I know?

The feelings, when they come,
keep me awake at night.
Sometimes I dream them. 

When everything hits
I know where I must go
and how long I must stay. 

Part VI – The Channeler’s Place

When it gets too much
I disappear too here.
No one knows where I am.
Truthfully sometimes I do not know
but feel completely safe. 

My head and feelings
are completely calm here.
Lost in nature for hours. 

I swear the trees and water
talk to me and I listen. 

My mind and body
are at peace.
Sadly, until next time.
The life of a Channeler. 

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