Christian Deery

My name is Christian. I write poetry and fiction. I have a Masters degree in Writing from Warwick University. I have had pieces published sparsely elsewhere. I am influenced lyrically by numerous musicians such as Halsey, Alex Turner and Lana Del Rey, as well as more conventional poets such as Ocean Vuong and John Cooper Clarke. Having arrived now at what I considered the end of this bio I realised that I’ve conveyed myself as someone devoid of a personality. I assure you I have one. A good one in fact. I had to cultivate it to compensate for my ginger hair. I also appreciate any time spent reading and considering my words. They’re important to me.

Fuck the devil and all his friends

Lucid dreams but I’m wide awake.
Lucifer sleeps but I’m wide awake.
Three straight days,
And I’ve got the shakes
Heart in a race with Usain Bolt
Heart in a chase, a thousand volts.
The blood I bleed is electric blue
Everything I do is quicker than you.
I’m from a toxic city near you.
A solitary street with a lonely view.
The devil’s making deals
But not with me.
He’s scared of my scars,
My toxicity.
He checks under his bed for me.
What the heck. He’s dead to me.

I’m wide awake and it’s 4am
I’m wide awake. That time again.
Fuck the devil and all his friends.

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