Ken Cathers

Ken Cathers as a  B.A. from the University of Victoria and a M.A. from York University in Toronto.  He has been published in numerous periodicals, anthologies and has just released his eighth book of poetry, entitled Home Town with Impspired Press of England. He has also recently published a chapbook with broke press in Canada and has another chapbook, entitled “Legoland Noir” forthcoming from Block Party Press in Toronto.

   His work has appeared in publications in Canada, the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Ireland  and Africa. Most recently it has appeared in Zoetic Press, Wool Gathering Review and  thewildword.

   He lives on Vancouver Island with his family in a small colony of trees.


was told never
to save
a drowning man

never jump in
throw out a line
something to hang on to.

was told never
to wake those
who walk through dream

that panic
of first touch
their sudden, unbreakable grip

not the embrace
you once imagined.

was told nothing
of the darkness
that lies below

the shadows
that swim through dream.
how patiently they wait.

how desperate they are
to pull you down.

he was the brother

he was the brother
I slept with

twice my size
all knees and elbows
a coiled anger.

dirt poor
we handed down
doubled up

it was his bed
and small enough
without me in it

became my first lesson
in mercy, how he

hogged the blankets
pushed me
	to the cold  

and I curled
against the darkness	

fought for every inch
kept score

	forgave nothing

things break down

nothing of us left
but the touch

the idea
of some shared

it does not fade
becomes part
of the change

we make in each other.
some unhealed scar.

just the vague shape
of what
	you once were

a face glimpsed
in sunlight. . .

a day by the river
where we swam naked.

and always the undertow
carries us back

the ghosts summoned
the magic remade
everything almost perfect again.

nothing but
the memory of touch
	that lingers

the way we become
the pulse of waves

entwined with rain,
river, the reflection
	of clouds

caught in the
downstream flow
	and swept away

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