Zola J – Jim Zola

Jim Zola has worked in a warehouse, as a security guard, in a bookstore, as a teacher for Deaf children, as a toy designer for Fisher Price, and currently as a children’s librarian. Published in many journals through the years, his publications include a chapbook — The One Hundred Bones of Weather (Blue Pitcher Press) — and a full length poetry collection — What Glorious Possibilities (Aldrich Press). He currently lives in Greensboro, NC Continue reading Zola J – Jim Zola

Shabkhez H – Hibah Shabkhez

AMENO AMENO AMENO   When first I climbed out into to this Land of do-as-you-please, it was an Inkdeath that I would fain have guarded against, for I deemed it quite inevitable: how can the Inkspell fail, thought I, when you spend more of your life within it than without? Lorenzaccio … but it was not so. This land remains the half-dream it always was, a Middle Earth one steps into for adventures, while that Land of the Lost scarce-glimpsed now from the top of the Magic Faraway Tree remains so starkly real, so starkly mine.   Every time I … Continue reading Shabkhez H – Hibah Shabkhez

Sampson N – Nicolas Sampson

3 Circular Triangles exercises Books lead to other books. Read one and you’re reminded of another. New publications refer to past ones, famous and obscure. Genres cross over, involving similar concepts, tropes, devices. Writers lift, pay tribute, re-imagine, claim as their own and take it a step further in their effort to tell gripping, original stories. Pick up the trail and we end up making extraordinary connections. These are Circular Triangles exercises … ON THE FRAGILE DYNAMICS OF IDENTITY AND THE BENEFITS OF JOURNALS Kafka On The Shore; The Face Of Another; The White Castle. Three outlandish stories on the … Continue reading Sampson N – Nicolas Sampson

Cawte S – Steve Cawte

Steve Cawte reviews Cheat Sheets by Edward O’Dwyer Paperback: 154 pages Publisher: Truth Serum Press (27 Aug. 2018) ISBN-13: 978-1925536607 Cheat sheets is a fantastically well-written set of short stories. The theme of infidelity handled with skill, humour and highly entertaining scenarios. From the absurd to the scarily too believable they are crafted in a way that makes you just want to keep on reading. The book flows like an open box of luxury chocolates, you keep saying ‘just one more’, before you know it the book is done and your opening it up again to read all over. Published by Truth Serum … Continue reading Cawte S – Steve Cawte

McGowan Dr J A – Dr Jennifer A McGowan

When I Think “Purple”   it is immediately six o’clock, we’re walking the dog, who hasn’t yet eaten whatever it was, you are bruised maybe a little but nothing to signify, I’ve still got both my amethyst earrings. Also the face of the man we found in the old oak out back, the dog sniffing his shadow, the sky radiant and him, gently swinging.     THING   Her thin, fine spines are invisible in skin. I’ve forgotten again, leaned on my desk as if my life were not currently entwined with a cactus. Leaning on Thing is a bad … Continue reading McGowan Dr J A – Dr Jennifer A McGowan

Gladman I – Imogen Gladman

A selection of reviews from this fascinating and unusual blog. You are guaranteed to find things here which you have never met before! Truly Global Culture Review There’s a whole world out there! I’m looking at two books, a film and an artist from each country in the world. Reviews are SPOILER FREE. New posts Tues & Sat Tété-Michel Kpomassie: An African in Greenland (Togo) Translated from the French by James Kirkup, first published in 1981. I googled Togolese writers, and the first name to pop up was that of Tété-Michel Kpomassie. The intriguing title of this book, published in … Continue reading Gladman I – Imogen Gladman

Acuff G – Gale Acuff

Romance   I was holding my Sunday School teacher, Miss Hooker, close to me in bed last night in a dream. When I woke up for breakfast and to get dressed for church next morning I wondered if she’d had it, too, and figured I’d find out by the look on her face when I came into the classroom, a little   late–fashionably late, as Mother says, though I never tell her my dreams because she wouldn’t understand, or maybe she would, and might tell Father, who’d bring it up at Sunday dinner–I don’t like to be embarrassed. Miss Hooker’s a … Continue reading Acuff G – Gale Acuff