Marilyn Speak

High Five!Pen       PaperCup of teaSit         WaitListen!  Look!Here she isThis wild, silky othernessQuick!Write it down. written for my first Stanza meeting! HAIKUher baby asleep             sleepless                                an old sixpencea new mother                 forming the words                   1955hugs the silence             I didn’t say                              11-plus and a chipped bonelaughter                          deep in the temple                  cigarette litrolling gently                   a seated Buddha                     a painted statuedown the hill                    scent of jasmine                      sits down Marilyn Speak is a 75 year-old Grandma, who has written occasional verse over the years, and has now fallen in love with the haiku form – though not the formal sort! High … Continue reading Marilyn Speak