Anissa Sboui

Anissa Sboui, a poet and a university teacher from Tunisia. The writer of 6 volumes in English and Arabic languages.

I am

I am the doctor
Who will heal your pangs, 
Cure your lingering headaches, and help you bear the whips and scorns of life…

I’m the architect
Who will design your spiritual map
With the blessed key, you can survey the effect  
In impish glee, your lips will clap

I’m the electrician
The superhero who’ll install lighting
To help you see my 5D spirit of love
With thirsty eyes, you capture me,
Downloading my minute features onto your digital memory

I’m the weather forecaster
To safeguard you from the snow storm
And the roaring wind,
Making it easy for you to stand up in
Like these lines, you won’t be shaking,
Or walking against the impassable streets…

I’m the singer
To charm your life with conjunct melodies,
To use my soothing voice to lull you,
And read lyrics softly for your sanity

I’m the author,
Who’ll make you the play’s protagonist,
Neither as villainous as Claudius,
Nor as a rogue and peasant slave as Hamlet,
But as the Student in the two-scene Medieval secular Play…

The Elixir of Life

Ink and liquid 
Fell in love
Like the ego and id
One below, the other above.

Ink and liquid
Do converse
On the bed
Releasing sweet sound
True and loud

Inside outside
Deep and hard.

Open the door
A virgin paper
On the floor
Scattered away
Invade it more
Up and down
Swaying, rolling
On the pillow.

Feeding fantasme
Reaching orgasm
Perfect match,
From first touch
Our bodies: rolling, swinging, 
Bubbling, bouncing
Full of ink,
Fill in my blanks
Circle me

Put me in the right form,
Reorder my distorted past,
Reshuffle my body fast,
Devour the curriculum
From speaking
To writing
So write …

More inks,
Revive me
My clitoris does shrink,
Swallowing your penis
Containing, tickling it
Smiling, laughing,
My two lips
Your star,

I am
Your tipsy star.
The color of our skin,
Turns pale to pink
Never call it a sin
Listen to heart beats,
Read eye-contact,
Paraphrase unconscious whispers
Speak to my liberated soul.
Jot down words,
Sift unclear sighs,

Edit me, correct
Your final draft to resurrect.

Full of inks your is,
You did write, yes you did
See all this liquid,
Soft, smooth transition

Into the vigina.
Write my tall, hard pen
My hands grasping your neck
Check if it hurts, check!
My legs around your back,
Like a monkey clinging
To the tree
Or a new mother holding
Her premature baby
You stick to me 
We both fell dizzy 
What a memorable ecstasy!

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