Amrita Valan

I am a housewife from India, mother of two boys, aged 12 and 11.

I have a master’s degree in English literature.

Till my boys were born I worked in various sectors of BPOs as motor claims and health insurance handler and was also content writer for simulation management entrance examination papers in the field of deductive logic and reasoning in English.

I have also worked for a short term in the hospitality industry as a receptionist at a five-star hotel, while awaiting results of my English honours examination.

 I love life, like tumbling headfirst into it, and then doing a double take to step back and observe it.

I have written over a thousand poems on genres including, Love, Spirituality, Family, Religion, Current affairs, Human Rights, short stories, humorous pieces, essays as well as funny poems and tales for my children.

I love collecting rocks on my day trips to hills, photographing nature and natural moods. Indulge in taking selfies and decorating them with punk art.

Teaching my children how to tell jokes with a dead pan face for maximum impact.

A Plea in Corona Times to Divinity

Help please. Mother
Nature, Gaia, Universe.
Are you there, as listeners?
Won’t you respond?
To this insane plea?
Behind bars, in this world
Of Maya and make believe, 
We are powering down as 
We consume the earth 
And in our hellion greed, 
Defying common sense and humane creed,
An Insane paralysis 
Death of morals and rationale.
As a species, we are
Powering down. 
Civilization on battery saver mode,
Too many fails.
We are winding down.
Ring the bells, muffled peals
Tell our tale.
Hickory!  Dickory! Clocks chime
Proximity alert! To hell.
Smoked gashes rent and breech 
Everything, everywhere, under siege.
Friendships flounder, intimacy cowers
Truth towers colossal over fake dares.
We hate this imminent doom
This immanent gloom.
We keep making sutures, seeking threads
Continuity gaffes to repair, rework our lives.
Pass over on privileges
Fretwork of sadly frittered days
Legacies to haunt offspring
The stink rises, sunlight sinks.
Into miasmic basins, urban sleek 
Black holes. Smacking slack lips, 
Winking, hissing taunts of gibberish. 
Omens and curses.
We are automatons of 
Failed pride. 
We flush and blush, bluster 
And curse.
Achieving age  without wisdom.
Our orange hued orangutan rage.
Makes us engage, in countless wars,
We perform triage, never prepared 
To concede defeat.
Ever ready to fight fire with fire. . 
And we fatten up for our own 
Eventual slaughter.
The tigerish apocalypse
Surveys us, twitching
Amused whiskers at the wages
Of our sinful zeitgeist. 
Our entropic
Armageddon instincts. 
Hidden away ley lines of laughter 
Magical charm of love and duty
The early promising hint of beauty,
Our generation had much revelry
We robbed our children.
Crow's feet squinting eyes,
Cracked chapped psalm and lips,
Staying indoors, we lean forward
And click on rosary beads of commerce. 
Purchase click baits set for our greed.
Lacking vital nourishment and necessary
Movement, forehead rising 
Prominent, steep. Offering no compromise
To inner malaise, a deep unease. Instead 
We mutter uninspired cerebral pleas
Some glib predictive prophecies,
Sacrificing our choice lambs, gentle ewes, to
Temples of desecration to imagined needs.
No daughter of Abraham
Shall succeed the throne
Or sit on Yahweh’s left, ever!
Deification for males only, roar
The Male chauvinists.
I am that I am, murmurs smug placid
Mother goddess, like a complacent brook,
Chortling upon her bed. 
No more the luxury
Of being mere woman,
The mother gender cannot abdicate
Cannot secede destiny to be, 
The other gender. 
We are human amuse bouche 
For God knows alone, 
Only a hapless genome seeking shelter
From a newly coronated virus.
We quake and shake
In its coronal embrace
Dream our agony, O Adonai, O Brahma,
Is your death failsafe? What is the safe word 
For this nightmare, O Prajapati, Lotus Poet?
Where are you? Will I be resurrected?
Roaming Elysian fields? With my family?
Fie on all creation and creators,
That imagines this hell…
Myriad times worse, than 
Your Biblical pit fires of eternal damnation
Or the flames of Hindu Narak Vaas.
Our worst misdeed was indeed
Cruelty to all other animals.
Look how mistakes compound, then rebound
On us?
We are now frightened submissive, 
At your feet.
Will your children go unheard? 
Age without, child within
No sages in these times, 
Instant coffee, Gurus and greed. 
Our rebellious innocence
Plundered destroyed
Is this the daisy chain effect
Of Original sin? 
Was our devils 
Always within?
Answer us O omnipotent Father 
Sacred Mother ,
Transgender holiness,
Or Energy manifestation?
Gluttonous offspring
We fed on everything, 
We bred like flies,
We spread our seed.
As you instructed 
So we did.
As you commanded,
All of life
To be fruitful, to multiply.
So we did. 
Our boundless greed 
For the fruits of life
Brought us death.
The Virus too 
Obeys your divine edict
Is it more or less
Alive than us?
We, who were wrought and shaped
In your image?
We turn to Creator Gods and religion
In distress.
We ask answers 
Staring us in our face. 
The cosmos is ordered chaos
Or chaotic order.
An ethereal balance between forces
Good, or evil, angel and devil,
Which we upset, to our peril.
To everything its season,
To everything due weight.
Nothing but madness
To tilt the balance
To stack up all our odds
On one plate.
Live, let live
And make peace.
Conserving more
Than we consume,
Destroying only need.

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