Jeremy Boyce

Jeremy Boyce lives in the south of France, working in a variety of fields including French – English translation/re-writing, authoring three instruction books about Kitesurfing and Power Kiting, in addition to many years of experience writing copy for press promo, marketing and sales in the music, leisure sports and tourism industries. More recently he’s ventured into creative work, some flash fiction singles and series, short stories, concrete poetry… Don’t try following him on social media, he’s not there ! Just read his stuff where you find it, starting right here, right now.  


1 – Waffles

Tables slanting, chairs pushed and stools angled down, bums parked, dress code : summer, light. Empty fountain full of kids, anxious parents standing by, just in case. Hubbubbububbub, clink-clank glassware on dirty plates, served and collected, dead leaves rustling, and crunching under fat feet. People come, people go, bags shouldered and carried, put down and picked up, closed and opened and closed again. Picked up, gone away. Eyes pass in directions between turned heads, grey hair back-pack and shoes kicked off. Kid scream and ice cream, big helpings and bigger eyes. Sticky mouth mum wipe. Chat-chit-chit-chat for time whiling. This is nice. We should come back. How much ? My shout. Where’s my bag ? Tables slanting, thoughtfully propped with thoughtless cardboard, wobble free and no spills, sloping drinks and sliding bottom angled seating. Thin straw sucked though gapped teeth baseball cap, bubbles and all, now run, jump, fall, bloodied knees and TCP. No harm done. People standing, sitting, shuffling, table for 2, 7, 4, swoosh cloth cleaning, here come the waffles. Clink-clank glassware on dirty plates, served and collected, slanting sun shadows flicker, swaying branch windy leaves, yellow and falling, dead leaves rustle and crunch under flat shoe feet. Sunglasses up, sunglasses down. Forgotten sunglasses left behind, remembered too late, sun blasting dusty windscreen many miles away. Lost property, properly lost. Red skinned faces smile shine all directions dressed in holiday suitcases, some driven, some flown. Sturdy-lace-up-flip-flop-sandal. Hot dog black tongue lapping in and out, throw me a stick but not too far. Sun shine bright stone walls shadows flicker and passing swifts, too fast for the shading trees and falling leaves. Clink-clank glassware and here come the waffles. Wind spin dust fly, dead leaves swirling. Happy teeth bright eyes holiday suitcase leaving tomorrow. Stand sit kissy-wissy, bill paid, no contact. New shoes next year.

Impression 6


Lights. Shine. Take 1. Black Trucks lined up, open door flaps and shutters wide angles no hair in the gate please. Metal stands stand click-clack fastened, heavy straps hold to prevent falling, tired legs folded, crossed. Tired legs walking, long day no rushes, take 2, everything done slowly shhhh ! Quiet please. Tool belt glove hang, this and that, out and in, in and out, gling-gling keys. Check ? check ! All in, all out, handcart equipment drag through wet leaves fallen steep slope slip-slide.  Phone check update clock watch, grey sky damp underfoot, never too far from sailor’s trousers sunny skies coming tomorrow. Big bright yellow sun arm motored round slowly, folded hydraulically for rest and manoeuvres.  Young run, old stand, know it all lags legs seen it all before. Tool belts straps swing. Tents up, flaps down, keeping dry take 3. Camera. Tired smiles long day good day early call late finish, big budget catering and no mistake take 4. All packed up ? All packed down ? Ready for action ? Ready for bed ? Ready for your close-up ? Painted scene closing soon stone wall fading  to fond memories. Six steps down heavy handle carry crate, eight hands please. One-step, one-step. Black Truck Rental Van lined up, open door flaps but closing soon, lights off outside, lights on inside, take 5. Hand truck gazebo down-twisting side street in tight S. Rolling wheel storage trays spaghetti cables hanging, sort them out later in Black Trucks, ladders lean, idle hands cold, waiting for action friction, hats on long day chilly now, gloves off take 6. Action. Inside. Old house, curtains drawn, everything done slowly, shhhh ! Quiet please. All quiet here talkie walkie devices off, hands free for packing. Coloured tape rolls cable spaghetti sort them out later in Black Trucks. Inside shooting the shooting, action camera lights. Standing by, standing around. Tool trucks bulge tool belts hang swing tiredly, long day coats on now deadline looms. Ready for your close-up ? It’s a wrap.  


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