Kay Watkins

Kay Watkins is a deaf writer in her 60’s and retired from doing occupational therapy for 40 years. Cochlear implants have enabled her to enjoy hearing sounds, especially birds which she also loves watching. Kay loves music, nature, all forms of art & especially enjoys combining photography and poetry. She has an amazing family and husband she has been with over a decade who has helped her with her new journey in the hearing world. You can find out more about that journey in a short documentary called “KAY” in AdamGundersheimer.com under his directing section.
“Thank you for sharing my journey with me!”


Then you will see
The caterpillar change into a 
Butterfly flying free

If you are willing to take the time
You'll see the sapling 
Grow into a tall strong tree

If you are willing to take the time
You can see a friendship blossom into love
The kind that endures & not fizzle out with the 1st spat 
Or the 1st sign of wrinkles & gray hair

So on & so forth

These are the days of instant gratification
Instant coffee, instant rice, instant drive thru meals, 
instant feelings brought on by uppers, downers,
Ecstasy, Viagra 

So on & so forth

Which also bring on disposable everything, things not made to last 
Disposable razors, cameras
Battery operated toothbrushes,
Disposable marriages

So on & so forth

People don't want to wait for the real thing
The better thing
The lasting thing

What shall it be
What are YOU worth
Do we want what's real
Do we want what'll last
When we know WE are worth it
We'll then be truly willing
To take the time


When I was young
There would be my escape, 
MY place of solitude, & being grounded
Yet also just a little closer to the life of a bird.
Trees are solid, rooted to the earth, branching out but still connected to the roots, getting their nutrients from the ground

Yet birds fly free, getting their food from various sources, often in trees whether it's berries, nuts, or bugs crawling around the bark
And to at times fly alone & at times fly with a partner or flock

Stationary trees
Birds flying free
Yet they fit together
The trees providing shelter & food for the birds
And I'd like to think the trees like listening to the bird's songs 
And knowing they're needed

May I also have that
That solidness of a tree
That feeling rooted, connected & appreciated 

And may I also have that freedom of a bird
Independence for finding various food sources & nesting places
To sing & soar as high as I can
And to choose when to be alone
Or to be with a mate or part of a flock

Stationary trees
Birds flying free
Fitting together
May it also be so for me


I've never met her*
But today I knew her well
With her I was found 

Such a strong woman 
Able to build others up
Not tearing one down

That's the way to be
Always lifting each other
To smile, not frown

If you'd tear one down
To make yourself look better
Alone you'll stand down

Whether it's cancer
Or abuse from another
We're still not held down

We're all survivors 
'Cause of the women with me
Shares with me their crown

*Side Note:
I saw this woman at a parade and noticed her cool tee-shirt & also her beautiful smile. So I talked to her, complimenting her shirt & she said it was for breast cancer awareness. I may never see this beautiful, strong woman again but I feel stronger just for the short meeting with her. 

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