Lynn White

Shall I Go Gently?   I’ve always been indecisive and I’m still undecided but soon I will have to choose whether to build my ship, and furnish it comfortably and sail with you gently into the dark into oblivion gently or to rage and fight scratch and bite kick and scream so that you have to drag me to where I will not follow gently into oblivion into the darkness the inevitability of the end whichever way I choose.       Mermaid   It was the change in her hair she noticed first growing now like harsh thin weed … Continue reading Lynn White

Scott Thomas Outlar

Strip the Gilded     Urgency in your (impulsive)                          methods of transgression                     (faltering/declined transactions)          see just how                 flying off the (cuffed) handle           leaves us backwards                         from where we started   Aggression in your (silent)                            lack of observations                     (obstinate/scaredy-cat stubbornness)             careful not to cut                  too deep in (captured) organs               though there’s no threat of such                          if you forget to finger keys   There is a world           (life is full                   & more wealthy               than simple riches                         will ever offer)        that exists outside                       … Continue reading Scott Thomas Outlar