Michael Kroth

I Stepped Outside Myself   I put on a sweater and a coat and a hatAnd stepped outside myself.Yes, I’d been outside before, But never more than an arm’s length awayI’d been beside myself, many times,But rarely outside myself,And when I looked back I saw a rather quaint, a bit old-fashioned,A closed in gingerbreadhouse kind of place.But once I’d stepped outside myselfjust far enough I couldn’t walk back through that door againthough it seemed so dreadfully safe.I walked away.I was glad for the accoutrements as it was cold outsideand the wintry mistiness made everything seem so hazy.Looking back I wondered … Continue reading Michael Kroth

Samantha Maw reviews Exposed by Michael A Griffith

Exposed: Michael A Griffith (2018) ISBN 1724075535, 9781724075536 Exposed is Michael A. Griffith’s first poetry collection, self-published in 2018. Griffith is a Pushcart Prize-nominated poet whose works have appeared in many international journals and anthologies. He is a member of the U.S. 1 Poet’s Cooperative, and he teaches at Raritan Valley Community College in Branchburg, NJ.[1] Exposed contains 19 poems highlighting our fragility as human beings and raises questions about our purpose and ultimate value. Downfall, a poem about a bullfight, is a poignant reflection on fate. Should we accept what is expected of us and live up to it, … Continue reading Samantha Maw reviews Exposed by Michael A Griffith

Glen Armstrong

Prop Master     When I hide behind the curtain, I am   not hiding in the conventional sense.   I am working behind the scenes and hiding   my feelings for you. Red light   shines on a clapboard army.   There is no huddle of young women awaiting   their return,   flat and crudely painted when considered up close.   I have nearly forgotten the relationship of prop   to property.   The plastic flowers are lovely but not   mine to give away.       Estate Sale     His heirs want top dollar. They … Continue reading Glen Armstrong

Nick Romeo

Initiated A beautiful woman greets me with her hand open and extended, “Hello my name is Whun de Menshunelle. You can follow me.” I accept the handshake then proceed to follow her as suggested. From viewing straight on, she looks amazing, but as the angle changes I can barely see her. She appears as a vertical line – a sharp edge cutting through space. She quivers and bends with each step. “Have a seat.” I sit in her office of leopard print and pink velvet. Her walls are decorated with various pictures. One photo shows her executing a keg stand … Continue reading Nick Romeo

Darren Rawnsley, The Suicide Club

The Once Act Play was written by Darren Rawnsley and based on the true journal of David Polley a WW1 Soldier in the Royal Naval Division (RND), Machine Gun Corps. The Journal was re published by Mr. Allan Mott (Deceased) entitled ‘The Mudhook Gunners’. The play has been performed by Ink Contemporary Theatre working with Bingham Players. It has also been recorded as an Audio CD recorded at Secret Shark Studios Peterborough, by Mr. David Reid. This scene is taken from the play as the RND prepare to go over the top for one last push. David Polley is among … Continue reading Darren Rawnsley, The Suicide Club

Bruce McRae

Space Weather     A rain of heated rocks and antimatter, alarmed citizens dashing for shelter, cursing the gods and government, the weathergirl nodding off in her chair, electromagnetic hail playing havoc with satellites and phone reception, the old crone banging her television, its screen clouded over with static hiss, cosmic rays and solar flares all part of a bigger picture, those falling stars not stars at all, unmoved by the whims of prediction.   Pocket   Reaching in I pull out a tooth, a lead toy soldier, a map of chaos, smudged instructions.   Reaching down I can touch … Continue reading Bruce McRae