Live Forever Project

Colleen Machut

Colleen Machut is a teacher and a writer from Sheboygan, WI. She lives there with her husband, Trent, and their son, Desmond. Colleen and Trent write and perform songs in the lakeshore area of Wisconsin. Colleen has poems published or forthcoming in Impspired, Open Skies Quarterly Edition 1, Open Skies Quarterly Edition 3, Jalmurra, Creation and the Cosmos Anthology, Anxious Times Magazine, and CORE: Dance Poems Volume III.

Live Forever is a project aiming to preserve the stories and experiences of local WWII veterans and other life experienced residents.

Terrible Beauty is based on Colleen’s Grandfather and his experiences in New Guinea
‘Not Really’ – A fantastic story of how one man’s signing up for the national guard didn’t quite work out as he had expected.
‘Wallpaper Doll’ shares the story of a local Wisconsin woman during the Great Depression