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Impspired is committed to making the world a better place and is using the cultural arts as its medium of delivery.


Donations to the Impspired Good Causes Fund will allow us to offer the workshops, mentoring and creative opportunities to young people who need and deserve them.

This may take the form of a mentor programme with a writer, or the chance to take part in visual art classes, drama groups or dance classes. There are no limits to what we can achieve as a community of artists if we all join together to make a difference.


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Case Studies

Steve Cawte delivers a charity performance raising money for Oxjam.

Why not look at running an event to help raise money for the Impspired Good Causes Fund. It’s a great way to share your work with an audience, to bring together other writers and your audience. Not only that but can be a brilliant way to help make sure impspired can continue to help other people around the world.

For more info on how to do this contact Steve Cawte on

First Story – Giving young people a voice.

For 5 years Steve delivered session at predominantly underprivileged secondary schools. Each year he would work with a group of young people giving them their first on-education based insight in to what poetry can be.

He enabled them to find their voice and to write about things that really mattered to them. Each year culminating in the release of a poetry anthology of the young peoples work.

Mental Health Trustee – Nidus-UK

As a strong advocate for both positive mental health and a better way of helping to treat and maintain this Steve has become a Trustee of the charity Nidus-UK. His approach to drama therapy and the use of the arts to improve peoples outlook on life has seen him take part in several community arts projects.

Community Arts Leader

From running writing workshops, to hosting open mic nights or even directing and performing in local community drama Steve knows that community should always play a vital part in a artists offering.

‘Lot’s of young people, even in affluent areas are culturally deprived. The last decade has seen libraries become a luxury, community centres closed and so all the opportunities we had as kids are slowly disappearing. For lots of young people their drama class or music class at school is all they will ever get, ad as the education system take the strain it’s those arts subjects that are the first to be cut, leaving kids with nothing.

The arts aren’t just about training the next generation of actors or dancers. It’s about self discovery and self-confidence. It’s about being able to do something as a team that doesn’t require a ball. The transferable skills taught in a drama class can improve young peoples view of the world, improve their ability to comprehend complex issues and even improve their academic ability. But, what about the kids who don’t even have the privilege of school? There are millions of children living in places around the world where even our underfunded and oversubscribed schools look like a fantasy. Through the Impspired Good Causes Fund we aim to target young people around the world and to help to develop their ability to engage with the arts, to benefit from the arts and to provide a positive outlet for them.’

Let’s build something great together.