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We have been privileged to work with some truly incredible authors, writers and poets. The collection of books you’ll find below are the ones we have been privileged to help bring to the world. Click on the book you would like to add to your collection to be taken directly to the ordering page.

Mehreen Ahmed

The Blue, Red Lyrae

Jim Bates

Periodic Stories
Periodic Stories V2

Reece Beckett

Portrait of a City on Fire

Henry Bladon

Then the World Changed
Notes form the State of Omnesia
Hotel Multiphobia

Sheena Bradley

Painting my Japan

Judith Alexander Brice

Shards of Shadows: A Covid Diary

Judge Santiago Burdon

Not Real Poetry

Angelina Der Arakelian

When Moonlight Falls

DC Diamondopolous

Stepping Up

John Doyle

Smoke Signals from Utopia

Aletia Drehmer

Mary Farrell

It’s Like Walking a Tightrope

Tony Frisby

A Boreen in County Waterford

Kate Garrett


Pranab Ghosh

Visions of the World and Other Poems

Rhys Hughes

Bunny Queue and Others

Impspired Print Volumes

Volume One
Volume Two
Volume Three
Volume Four
Volume Five
Volume Six

Sarah Mackey Kirby

The Taste of Your Music

Mal Leicester

Jane’s Journey

Jon Koker


Peter Magliocco

Particle Acceleration on Judgement Day

Stephen Meek

Faking Nature

Candace Meredith


Charlotte Neal

Masquerading as a Poet

Aminath Neena

Dreams of my Heart

Shiloh Osheen

As Viewed by a Poet Protagonist

Ivan Peledov

Habits of Totems

Linnet Phoenix

Urban Mustang

Carson Pytell


Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Streaks of Trance

David Ratcliffe

Through an Open Window

Polly Richardson

Winter’s Breath

Copper Rose & Garrison McKnight

What the Hell Happened to Joan?

Margaret Royall

Earth Magicke

Vahid Husen Sayyad

My Son & Other Poems

Carl Scharwarth

Playground of Destiny

John L. Stanizzi


Ann Christine Tabaka

Pondering the Shoreline of Existence
I No Longer Hear You Sing

Robbie Taylor

Struggling Up The Hil
The Moon Belongs to Christopher Becker
The Wisdom of Apple Thieves
Circus Town Mammals

The Age of Jack
The Insomniad
Shouting at Lesbians

Sushant Thapa

Abstraction And Other Poems

Ron Torrence

prophet birds sing at night

Peter Tyrer

Overcoming Personality Disorder

Ger White

Newspapers on the Floor

Charlie M. Zamarripa

Lost in Thought
Lost in Thought – Schools Edition