An Interview with Linnet Pheonix

Name: Linnet Phoenix

Resident of: North Somerset

Place of birth: Aberdeen

4 bums on a rugby goalpost

Why do you write? –

I used to find I wrote to relieve moments of intense emotions, even as a child. About 10 years back I had a sort of epiphany and felt an overwhelming urge to not only write poetry but share it. I have been writing poetry as an obsession ever since. 

What do you write about? –

I can honestly say I don’t have any one single theme. My poetry ranges across a wide range of subjects. It’s often fiction but with an emotional truth and usually has more than one meaning.

When do you write? –

I try to write every day, usually in the evenings, but it varies and often a poem just demands to be written at a time you wouldn’t choose.

Who do you read/ take inspiration from?  –

I love reading poetry! I have so many poets I admire and who inspire me it is hard to pick. There are greats like Mary Oliver, Lawrence Ferlingetti, Miroslav Holub, James Fenton, Charles Simic. But also poets I have met via social media. I also read a lot of fiction too.

How do you write? –

Mostly I type into my mobile phone for drafts. I do still use notebooks sometimes. Then editing I often use my phone or on my laptop.

You’re going to release your first Album, what would it be called?

As a totally none musical person, it would be ‘Don’t do it!’

You could be anything other than a writer, what would you be?

I would love to have time to do more art again. I enjoy working with charcoal and pastels.

Why are manhole covers round?

Because men are not Sponge Bob Square Pants? Actually lots of manhole covers are not round. I have lifted a few in my time.

What would your autobiography be called?

Great things come in short women

You can claim one piece of art as your own work, what would it be and why?

Rodin’s Kiss. I have a small bronze replica in my bedroom. I guess it’s the romantic in me.

You’re on death row, what would your last meal be?

Fillet steak medium rare

What was the last piece of music you listened to?

Bloodsport for All by Carter USM

When did you last go to a live sporting event, what was it?

I watched my friend Charlotte do dressage today, she won both classes.

If interviewed what would your pet say about you?

My horse would probably moan I don’t feed her enough

You can invent an App, what would it do?

One to remind me of all the things I forget to do on a daily basis.

Describe yellow to someone who is blind in 50 words

Like the warmth of the sun in the mid-morning in summer time, or the softness of butter when you squeeze it between your fingers, or the smell of honeysuckle in the evening.


2 thoughts on “An Interview with Linnet Pheonix

  1. Linnet Pheonix!!! What a beautiful name. It created a portrait of young woman in my mind. Born to succeed. Linnet a bird known to be kept in a cage by the Romany Gypsy people, for its beautiful colour & song. Pheonix the mythical bird rising from the ashes, representing the struggle of the Irish Republican Army.
    I m registered severe sight impaired & this young woman hit the nail on the head with her description of the colour yellow. This colour happens to be the main colour that I see. I read from yellow paper with large black print.
    I have a great respect for anyone that keeps horse. Riding for the disabled has been a large part of my life. My daughter gained her qualifications, working on placement with them.
    I enjoy poetry, used to sketch with charcoal, before my sight began to fail.

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