Boris Kvaternik

Boris Kvaternik is a Croatian author living in Zagreb. He was born in 1987. He earned a master’s degree in the fields of Indology and Croatian studies.

He is mostly writing poetry, short stories and art reviews, while also translating poetry from Sanskrit and Pāli into Croatian language.


Midnight engulfs a sweet puppy.
And it whimpers: „I forgive you.“
Windstorm tears out a tough root.
And it whispers: „Doesn't matter.“
Cashbox swallows a petty penny.
It approves: „What else was there to do?“
Poison strangles a deaf kitten.
It simply sighs: „It's natural.“
Mother drowns her only son
In a sea of deadly apathy.
And he screams: We are the damned,
And this whole world's a living hell!


For all of this, there is no excuse,
Except if we suppose that
God is a flickering angel of death,
Flittering over cribs of the world
Like a moth in the night.
For all of this, there is no explanation,
Except if we soon start growing
Our own pair of bear claws,
Along with lion's teeth and seven heads,
And if we accept The Revelation
As the autobiography of ourselves,
While the Earth cracks in two
With blood dripping from the sky.
All of this, it makes no sense at all,
Unless our fate is just a mere
Maggot infested rolling dice
Tumbling across the night skies,
As we are rending our dreams with teeth
While weeping in our slumber.
For all of this, there is no excuse.


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