Rachel Grosvenor

Rachel Grosvenor is a British writer and tutor, with a PhD, MA and BA Hons in Creative Writing. She writes in various genres and forms, from travel writing to fantasy, and her work has been published in equally diverse places – from Cadaverine Magazine to the wall of the blue bedroom at the National Trust’s Baddesley Clinton. Rachel’s writing news can be followed on Instagram at @teachmecreativewriting, or on her website www.RachelGrosvenorAuthor.com.   

Imaginary Arguments

Oh, how fearless I am in the shower, when the river drowns my irate verse.

How biting my retorts, how quadrangular my shoulders, how unfastened my tongue.

You are there too, though you do not know it.

You are there too, though I never recall it.


This will not do.

I whisper, to you, as you whirr on about the issues we face.

This will not do.

You riposte, ‘Ah, remember to do the following…how did you forget?’

This will not do.

Until steadily, eventually, we fall against each other, sinking into a forcible calm.

The mind should behave when the blanket drops.
This will not do.


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